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ReMount/Automount of USB-sticks

We're updating our servers from a very out-of-date distro to a modern Debian Jessie based system, including lightdm / xfce, and of course systemd and udisks2. One sticking point is automounting USB. I am running Debian Lenny 5.0 amd64 since a couple of days. USB-sticks are recognized according to the log but they are not mounted automatically nor are the mountable. What do I have to do? Thanks for any pointers. Out of frustration over XCFE I installed KDE and now XFCE mounts the USB-sticks without any changes to XFCE. To be sure, however.

AutoFS will then automount the partition on demand if you use it via /media/usb With the scripted "auto.usb" file you might support any kind of file system and additionally you also are able to support any kind of naming scheme. 24/10/2012 · There are two options "automount" and "automount-open", both are checked. But with this setup nothing happens when I plug in the stick. Since I uninstalled usbmount there is no refresh of nautilus and nothing changes with the mountpoints. 31/05/2009 · I'm running LXDE on Debian Sid. for a while I was running XFCE and all was fine. I installed LXDE and it was better so I removed XFCE. Some component of importance must have been removed though because now LXDE won't auto-mount usb devices when I plug them in. 21/12/2013 · When I attach USB drive it does appear in Thunar, and I can mount it with mouse click, no problem with that. But I want Thunar to pop up with contents of USB device just after I plug in, no clicking etc. I had checked "Automount." in thunar-volman-settings but it dosen't work. It's not the kernel but udisks2 where the automount location is hardcoded. You can't configure it. The original udisks2 uses /run/media/username but Ubuntu patched it to use /media/username/. I guess Mint 12 like Ubuntu 12.04 comes with udisks1 which uses just /media/.

Du vergleichst Äpfel mit Birnen. Es gibt meines Wissens kein Windows10 ohne GUI, die du aber bei deinem Debian nicht haben willst. Wenn du dir eine DE-GUI für dein Debian installierst, wirst du auch bezüglich Automounten Ähnliches beobachten wie bei MS. Ich für meinen Teil bin roh drum, dass es auch ohne automount geht. ich bin dabei das automount von USB-Sticks u.ä. unter Debian testing mit XFCE einzurichten. Mit thunar-volman und gvfs bin ich gut weiter gekommen, stoße aber auf folgendes Problem. Das gewünschte USB-Laufwerk wir momentan in Thunar in der Leiste links angezeigt aber erst nicht eingehängt. Es wird erst eingehängt wenn ich drauf klicke. Das. Man navigiert dann zu "org → gnome → desktop → media.handling" und verändert dort die Einstellungen für "automount" und optional auch für "automount-open". KDE Kubuntu ¶ Die Einstellungen zum automatischen Einbinden sind per KDE Systemeinstellungen unter "Hardware →. Previously I was using Debian Version 8.6 Jessie, recently I’ve upgraded my Beaglebone Black to Debian Version 9.5 Stretch While using Jessie, if I plugged in a USB thumb drive it was automatically mounted and appeared in //media// but with Stretch the USB drive is not automatically mounted.

I'm trying to disable the USB automount in GNOME 3.14.1 debian Jessie. I've modified the gnome media handling using dconf-editor, my configuration looks like this: I'm not sure of what proces or services is mounting the devices, I have no entry in /etc/fstab refering to the USB devices. I thought it was gnome automount who was mounting the devices. 04/06/2015 · I've realised that mint automount any usb device I plug in, and I would like to disable it it seems to me that it's safer, and manually mount isn't very hard:/. I addition, I do I make devices not to disappear when I unmount them ? For some devices not all, I don't see them anymore in the explorer after unmount, and the only way to mount. Es tut sich nämlich nichts, wenn ich eine CD/DVD einlege oder einen usb-Stick eine SD-Karte was auch immer anstöpsle Es wird nichts eingehangen, nichts angezeigt, das DVD-Laufwerk taucht nichtmal in der Seitenleiste von Thunar auf. Was ich alles schon weiß: An den Einstellungen in thunar-volman-settings liegt es nicht. Die sind.

auto-mount usb devices - LXDE Forums.

08/10/2010 · hi, im having problems with Thunar and the automount for usb drives, if i check the file manager preferences in the advanced tab i cant reach the volume manager options and i have this message: you need to install thunar-vfs and HAL in order to use the Thunar volume manager, but i have these packages!.also a few weeks ago it was correctly. 09/12/2016 · Distro jessie. Desktop-Session xfce4. ich habe ein USB-DVD-Laufwerk bei dem Automount und Autoplay nur funktionieren wenn ich das Gerät abziehe und neu einstecke. Ich versteh nicht wo das Problem genau liegt. udev udisks2 oder thunar-volman. 01/05/2014 · XFCE4 kein automount. Beitrag von lokini » 04.01.2014 14:54:13 Hallo habe mir Debian Jessie testting installiert mit dem xfce4 desktop,mein Problem ist jetzt das das er keine Cds mountet. Habe auch schon im Inet und hier im Forum gesucht,aber leider keine Lösung gefunden. Was ich schon mal sagen kann ist das gfvs,thunar-volman installiert sind.In den xfce4 Einstellungen habe ich. Automount external storage as user readable and writable in Debian XFCE? Ask Question Asked 8 years ago. Active 5 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 6k times 4. 1. I have Debian Wheezy installed with the latest XFCE desktop environment. In the XFCE settings, I specified that external media be automounted upon insertion. However, when I plug in my USB stick, it appears on my desktop, but is not.

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