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developerWorks forums allow community members to ask and answer questions on technical topics. You can search forum titles, topics, open questions, and answered questions. You can easily see the forums that you own, are a member of, and are following. In addition to the many locales supported in full client mode, AIX provides Server Side Support for many new Unicode locales. This page provides a list of releases for the fileset. Use this page to look at the history of releases and to determine the latest fileset versions available for each release of AIX.

Convert files to UTF-8 on AIX 7.1 Dears, I have a shell script - working perfectly on Oracle Linux - that detects the encoding the charset to be exact of the files in a specified directory using the " file " command The file command outputs the charset in Linux, but doesn't do that in AIX, then if the file isn't a UTF-8 text file, it converts it to UTF-8 using " iconv " command. To view the most current version of the AIX Version 7.1 information, see the AIX Knowledge Center website. To order AIX Version 7.1 Knowledge Center on physical media, you can place an order for feature 2320 on product ID 5692-A6P on the Entitled Software Service website or in the eConfig tool. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Version 7.1 AIX: Server language locales Use either the default language package option or select another language package to display server messages and help.

On AIX® and Linux, these variables are in /etc/environment. This task is not required on HP-UX. For full-time zone support in the broker, set the TZ variable using Continent/City notation. For example set TZ to Europe/London to make London, England the time zone, or set it to America/New_York to make New York, America the time zone. How to set up a clean UTF-8 environment in Linux. Many people have problems with handling non-ASCII characters in their programs, or even getting their IRC client or text editor to display them correctly. I would like to change the value of "en_US" to "en_US.UTF-8". So, I login as root, then go to smitty -> System Environments -> Manage Language Environment -> Set User Languages, follow by key in the username db2inst1, but I cant see anything that allow me to changed to "en_US.UTF-8". I am suspecting I am doing in the wrong way. Trying to google. If you've ever installed locale files on your AIX server, you might appreciate my recent predicament. A customer's application team recently asked me to install bos.loc.utf.EN_US as part of their overall installation. The file exists on the installation media, but not in.bff format. So how do you install it? 19/07/2012 · Hello, I have an IBM AIX5.3 server that needs the UTF-8 character set installing on it, how do I go about doing this? when I run locale -a it's not installed:

When the running 'dsmserv format' command or using the IBM Configuration Wizard dsmicfgx, and specifying the DBDIR option to use a Spectrum Scale 4.1.1 or higher filesystem formerly known as GPFS, it can fail with: ANR7801I Subsystem process ID is 44328.
I usually config my ubuntu via sudo locale-gen --purge en_US.UTF-8 And I've the installed localeslocale -a C C.UTF-8 en_US.utf8 POSIX Is it okay since I am missing en_US? 01/12/2016 · developerWorks forums allow community members to ask and answer questions on technical topics. You can search forum titles, topics, open questions, and answered questions. You can easily see the forums that you own, are a member of, and are following. A locale is the part of a user's environment that brings together information about how to handle data that is specific to the end user's particular country, language, or territory. history file will not get corrupted with broken and invalid command entries when multibyte character set is used and EXTENDED_HISTORY is ON.

on IBM AIX 7.1 TL3 with the client installation on a Windows® 7 platform. Introduction The paper describes in detail a complete installation of PeopleTools 8.54, and PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 on AIX 7.1 running on a Power Systems™ server with POWER7® processors. - use a multibyte character set, e.g. EN_US UTF-8 IBM IV91831: KSH COMMAND HISTORY FAILS WITH UTF-8 AND EXTENDED_HISTORY=ON APPLIES TO AIX 7100-04 - United States United States. Hi Sybase/BO experts, I am installing BI 4.0 SP9 on AIX 7.1/Sybase 15.7 platform. I have installed sybase as per the instructions from the guide. Installation successful, then i have created a database BOD and added devices for data and log. Also cre. Creating a Unicode database for use with DB2 Content Manager OnDemand on UNIX. Technote FAQ Question. How do you store data into DB2® Content Manager OnDemand from many different languages and locales? Does DB2 Content Manager OnDemand support Unicode? Cause. A Unicode database is not directly supported by OnDemand using the ARS_LANGUAGE parameter in the g. I'm trying to change encoding in the urxvt current session by changing LANG variable. Howerever, it seems like it doesn't apply immediately. Here is what I do: Available locales: $ locale -a C en.

We have successfully installed SAP BO BI Platform 4.2 SP3 with bundled SQL Anywhere 16 database in IBM AIX 7.1 TL4. The installation worked when we changed the installation directory to /usr/sap. Not sure why it did not work when we selected /sybase/CXO/sapdata1 as installation directory. 03/11/2016 · I've already checked the certification matrix and there it says that the supported AIX for that version of OBIEE is 7.1 TL1, but i am using TL3. I also tryied both and database version for the repository, without success. Has anyone gone through this error? How to. First Fix for this: unset ORACLE_HOME before running configuration assistant for OBIEE 12c. Other option is to install without the sampleLite application.

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