Matlab Interp2 Donne Nan -

I have some observational data that is relatively complete, but contains some NaN values, in an matrix in matlab and I want to interpolate them to a more evenly spaced grid using interp2 So, to keep. I have a 310400 matrix, that contain NAN values. I will like to interpolate the data to eliminate the NAN. After applying this code, I observed that the NAN is still retained. A sample of my code is here.

Interp2d with NaN values 2D-Interpolation. Learn more about interpolation, 2d, interp2d Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox. Why am I getting NaN using interp2?. Learn more about interpolation, interp2, nan MATLAB. how to interp2 with nan data. Learn more about interp2. Walter, you are typing faster than me - yesterday, today and tomorrow. It would increase the efficiency of my work, if a small icon appears in the question to show, that you are reading it currently - and will have answered it some seconds later. i have tried this option but it is not fulfilling my requirement. since the NaN in x0 and Yo value are the values which are not require to be plot. and i just only want to interpolate the emission data between real points of X0 and Y0 matrix respectively. please suggest another option.

01/12/2005 · Je je, nice little function, which I rader use as a script, but anyway. You should explain in the help that data should be a time series i.e. equally spaced, you can use 'extrap' to interpolate edges, and use isnan only one time, and set the method as an optional function, use griddatan for N-dimensional array in order to make your function. 08/10/2010 · Hello Michael, it has a slightly different feature set. The differences are: - No support for X, Y, you have to do that yourself to the XI and YI variables. F = griddedInterpolantV uses the default grid to create the interpolant. When you use this syntax, griddedInterpolant defines the grid as a set of points whose spacing. Vq = interp2___,method,extrapval also specifies extrapval, a scalar value that is assigned to all queries that lie outside the domain of the sample points. If you omit the extrapval argument for queries outside the domain of the sample points, then based on the method argument interp2 returns one of the following.

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