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1003212, Enhanced vMotion Compatibility EVC simplifies vMotion compatibility issues across CPU generations. EVC automatically configures server CPUs with Intel FlexMigration or AMD-V Extended Migration technologies to be compatible with older servers.After EVC is enabled for a cluster in the vCenter Server inventory, all hosts in that cluster. Host CPU features can also be hidden from a virtual machine by applying a custom CPU compatibility mask to the virtual machine, but this is not recommended. VMware, in partnership with CPU and hardware vendors, is working to maintain vMotion compatibility across the widest range of processors.

Everyone knows how VMware EVC works on a vSphere cluster and VMware calls it now Cluster-level EVC. vCenter Server’s CPU compatibility checks compare the CPU features available on the source host, the subset of features that the virtual machine can. Figure 1 – Intel based EVC modes reproduced from VMware’s KB1003212 When weighing the disadvantages, application performance springs first to mind. For instance, if SSL intensive applications are your thing, you should avoid at all costs the inclusion of servers equipped with pre-Westmere generation processors. To simplify vMotion across CPU generations VMware has introduced Enhanced vMotion Compatibility EVC. EVC automatically configures server CPUs with Intel FlexMigration or AMD-V Extended Migration technologies to be compatible with older servers. In vSphere 6.7 a now EVC mode has been introduced. VMware EVC hides relevant CPU features that do not match across all vMotion-enabled hosts, such as clock speed or number of cores. This feature works for different versions of CPUs from the same chipmaker. VMware EVC cannot enable vMotions between AMD and Intel processors, however. VMware EVC cannot enable vMotions between AMD and Intel processors, however. VMware KB-1003212 explains in a great details about EVC baselines and how to determine which EVC baseline is suitable in your environment. EVC modes are also dependent on the version of vCenter Server. Below image shows the relationship between vCenter server version.

r/vmware: The un-official VMware Reddit. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Compared to the Intel "Westmere" Generation EVC mode, this EVC mode exposes additional CPU features including AVX, XSAVE, and ULE. Note: Some "Sandy Bridge" microarchitecture processors do not provide the full "Sandy Bridge" feature set. Such processors do not support this EVC mode; they will only be admitted to the Intel "Nehalem" Generation mode or below.

The vCenter VM is now using the feature of “Intel Broadwell” so it is not possible to migrate to EVC “Intel Haswell” The maximum EVC level with vCenter 6.0 is “Intel Haswell”. The 1003212 KB was actually not correct, and was listing EVC “Intel Broadwell” compatible with vCenter 6.0. In the drop down menu of VMware EVC Mode, we should select Intel Penryn Generation. At the bottom of the window, you should see Validation succeeded in the Compatibility section. Now you can hit OK to save EVC mode settings.

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