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OpenIndiana is a community supported operating system, based on the illumos kernel and userland. It is open source, free to use, and suitable for servers and desktops. OpenIndiana and illumos provide a platform offering: Download the latest images of OpenIndiana for Desktop or Server Read More. OpenIndiana works on most x86 PCs help us support SPARC. From 2017.04 onwards running on 32-bit systems is not supported anymore and the userland is being migrated progressively to 64-bit only. As usual 32-bit libraries and core applications are still delivered and maintained for the sake of backward compatibility but only when running a 64-bit kernel. To check if your hardware is.

In regards to the creation of a SPARC port of OpenIndiana Hipster, there have been periodic discussions on the OpenIndiana mailing lists. If you would like to see SPARC become a supported platform, please help us by joining the OpenIndiana community. Writing documentation or just blogging about OpenIndiana. Maintaining translations of OI-specific software and documentation. Just ask on the IRC channels or mailing lists about how you may contribute. Does OpenIndiana provide a SPARC release? OpenIndiana Hipster is not currently available for the SPARC platform. Open Indiana on SPARC I recently came into possession of an Oracle T4-1 and would love to provide devs with debug information and tests on real hardware or in LDOMs. Where would be a good place to offer this service? OpenIndiana is a free and open-source Unix operating system derived from OpenSolaris and based on illumos. Developers forked OpenSolaris after Oracle Corporation discontinued it, in order to continue development and distribution of the source code.

Installing OpenIndiana. OpenIndiana runs on a PC 32 or 64-bit with at least 768 megabytes MB of RAM 1 gigabyte GB recommended, and 4 gigabytes of available disk space 2 gigabytes for the server install. You can also use virtual machine software such as VirtualBox, Parallels or VMware. As a clone of OpenSolaris, the answer is both: OpenIndiana will be a general-purpose operating system. However OpenSolaris contains some amazing enterprise server features, including the ZFS filesystem, DTrace system introspection, Crossbow networking stack, SMF service management, FMA fault management, COMSTAR iSCSI framework, etc.

OpenIndiana es un sistema operativo tipo Unix liberado como software libre y de código abierto. Es una bifurcación de OpenSolaris concebida después de la compra de Sun Microsystems por parte de Oracle [1] y tiene como objetivo continuar con el desarrollo y la distribución del código base de OpenSolaris. OpenSXCE 2013.01 SPARC Build 151a, ранее MartUX, был выпущен через OpenIndiana 1 февраля 2013 года как второй и, возможно, последний OpenIndiana SPARC build, с последующими релизами на основе DilOS.

OpenIndiana ist ein unixoides Betriebssystem für die Plattformen PC IBM-PC-kompatible-x86-Architektur und SPARC. Es hat seinen Ursprung in Solaris. Die Entwicklung steht unter der Schirmherrschaft der Illumos Foundation, in der sich neben Freiwilligen auch Unternehmen engagieren.

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