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ANSYS - Importing a Surface from Solidworks to.

When I open the CAD configuration manager, the menu with "Workbench and ANSYS Geometry Interfaces" does not show up on the top left of the screen. As a result, I cannot figure the SolidWorks add-in. As a result, I cannot figure the SolidWorks add-in. To import a surface to ANSYS in the Design Modeler, you will first need to create just the surface using a CAD program, such as Solidworks. Note that these instructions also apply to importing any part or assembly from Solidworks to ANSYS; you just need to skip the step in Solidworks on adding Surfaces. At the time of writing this, the GrabCAD SolidWorks add-in is not supported for SolidWorks 2019. You will still be able to change and sync local files to GrabCAD projects, albeit less conveniently. You will still be able to change and sync local files to GrabCAD projects, albeit less conveniently.

hey guys, I recently configured Solidworks in Ansys and now I can import files from SW to Ansys but I still can't view them because Ansys is not enabled in Solidworks. When I go in SW>tools>add ins I can't find the "ANSYS" option to enable it. Anyone know a fix for this? do I. Any ANSYS user here? I need help. In workbench I am trying to solve a model through static structural. When I am clicking on Direct FE option then there 'Nodal Rotation' option is not enabled.

Good afternoon, The answer is already posted on other related topic. But I will reload the explanation: if the ANSYS is installed on the same computer with SW, than on SW must have an ANSYS icon on toolbar, and when you will activate him, then will export direct the model in ANSYS DesignModeller without other conversion. 13/03/2013 · Marie, back in 2007, I was able to open Solidworks files directly into ANSYS workbench. I had Solidworks on the same machine, so maybe that's a requirement.

10/07/2018 · 2. Use native CAD file using CAD-Workbench connection instead of using a neutral file format such as iges step or Parasolid. 3. Use ANSYS tools such as DesignModeler or SpaceClaim to make the edges coincident. 4. You can also use Mesh connections in the Mechanical to connect the mesh nodes after generating the mesh using Mesh Edit tools. You can easily import solid model from any software to ansys workbench just by converting it into a neutral file, viz. STEP,. IGES. Beside that you can directly imprort solidworks model into ansys by 3 ways. 1. In ansys workbench, open geometry >. 16/10/2018 · If ANSYS Student 14.5 was able to read SolidWorks files, that was a bug that has been fixed. With versions 17.2, you have to Save As Parasolid in SolidWorks, then in DesignModeler, you can Import External Geometry File. We use both products in our company. As mentioned in other posts, solidworks is a great CAD engine. So you need to learn solid works or a similar software such as inventor, pro-engineer etc if you want to make 3D models and create drawings. You al.

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SolidWorks is a solid modeler, and utilizes a parametric feature-based approach to create models and assemblies. ANSYS workbench is the numerical type of engineering problem solving software. used to simulate interactions of all disciplines of physics, structural, vibration, fluid dynamics, heat transfer and electromagnetic for engineers. In order for ansys to do a Fine Element Analysis [FEA] we need to specify what kind of element we want to use. For this 3d solid we will be using a 10 node tetrahedron shaped element. To set this click on Preprocessor>Element Type>Add/Edit/Delete. Yesterday, I installed Ansys 16.2 student version. I also have the solidworks premium 2013. I want to integrate them together but something seems to be wrong. I runned the "Ansys CAD Configuration Manager" as an administrator > selected "solidworks _ Workbench Associative.

From the CAD configuration manager you can set the file types which can be imported and even specify whether it should just read the file or use an associative interface as you can see in the figure. As I dont use Ansys workbench in conjunction. Defining Parameters in Solidworks to be used in ANSYS Workbench. Open Solidworks, and confirm that the “ANSYS 13.0” button appears on the toolbar. This shows that the ANSYS-Solidworks plug-in has been installed. Create the Solidworks part/assembly as you normally would. Next, we need to define the parameters so they will be imported into.

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